Q. What about safety of my child at the camp?

The safety aspects of the camp are well taken care of by our professional group of outdoor experts, who have ample experience in this field. Safety equipments (harnesses, ropes etc) are of internationals standards and are replaced at regular intervals, according to use. Example: the rope used have breaking strength of three tons… and in spite of that there is an extra rope called belay for safety.

Q. My child has never been to any such camp before. How will he stay alone for 7 days without home and without proper facilities?

No past camp experience is required for camp. In the past, many novice participants, who have never been out for any camps before, have successfully, not only completed but also enjoyed and gained from the camp. He will also make lots of friends and the resource persons will make him comfortable. In fact, you may find that after this camp child may become far more confident about himself. Above all, let us learn to trust your youth!!

Q. How much money should my child carry?

Not much. There will be absolutely no expenses at the camp per se. The only expenditure by the participant will be on days before and after the camp, especially for out-station participants.

Q. I have attended the camp once. I really like it. Can I attend it again this year?

Yes you are welcome to fill in application form, but kindly mention that this is your second experience.

Q. Can I call up my child every night or can he/she call at home?

No there are no telephone facilities at the camp sight. Also the camp is at remote location with very difficult access. However, in the case of an emergency please contact your local chairman who will know how to reach at the camp sight. Rest assure… your child is in good hand!

Q. What kind of eatables of foodstuffs should I carry for myself at the camp?

No food items (of any kind) including chocolates, mints soft drinks etc are allowed at the camp.

Q. Do I make to carry all items mentioned in the kit list ? What if I do not have a haversack or a sleeping bag or sport shoes?

Yes … the kit list has been prepared for your maximum safety and minimum discomfort. It is therefore advisable to adhere to the kit list. However, if you do not yourself own such items attempts can be made to borrow them from ex-participants of your centre.

Q.“The camp is very expensive.”

The fees include: Lodging at the campsite, Travel, Food, Safety equipments, Marketing and publicity, Professionals’ fees for outdoor experts and The facilitator. What separates the Indus Valley Adventure & Sports from other outdoor programmes is the component of review that we offer. Review helps concretize the learning of the outdoor activities and relate them to life so that the impact of the camp stays with the participants even after the programme is over.

Q. I cannot afford to send my child for this camp..but I want him to go. What should I do?

It is rather difficult for us to value something that we get for free, isn’t it? However, in a genuine case, your local chair person can suggest and devise means to make the end a meet – like arrange your payment on a installment basis or work out some arrangement from funds, or subsides. The final decision in this regard lies with the local / regional chairperson.

Q. Can I carry my own medicines at the camp?

If you have some previously prescribed medicines, they have to be mentioned and certified by your family doctor, in the form of itself. The participant can carry no medicines other than those mentioned in the form.

Q. Is there a doctor at the camp or the hospital near the camp?

Yes… first aid facilities are readily available at the camp by professional firstaiders. In case of more severe accident, if any there is an arrangement to move the participant to the closest medical facility.

Q. Is it necessary to carry warm clothes in summer?

Yes… although it may be hot in your city, the camp sight is usually in the hilly region far above the sea level, and so extreme temperatures are expected. It is highly recommended that the participant carry adequate clothing for themselves.

Q. Can the girls wear salwar kameez at the camp?

The kit list says to bring trousers- comfortable trousers – which are also safer than salwar kameez whilst doing adventure activities. So it is preferable to stick to this requirements.

Q. What if I have a torch with pencil cell or a water bottle (without a proper handle)? Would be normal Bislery bottles do?

No… past experience has shown that even minor deviancies like this, from the kit list can have severe consequences ; please strictly adhere to the kit list.e.g. you are rock climbing. There is a generally no water at the top of the mountain. In this case if you are not carrying a proper water bottle, you have two choices… stay without water for rest of the day and fall sick from dehydration… or… risk a fall while rock climbing with one hand and holding a water bottle in the other. Neither of this options is advisable and therefore you must have the right kind of water bottle as in the kit .list